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The criminal justice system can be extremely confusing, and those who are accused of a crime may be uncertain about what to expect during every step of the process. Before you can effectively defend your rights, you must first understand the nature of your charges and how the law protects you. Here at the Law Office of Fritzie Galliani, A.P.C., there are certain questions that we are asked on a regular basis. We have provided the answers to these questions below, and you can call our firm at any time for additional clarification and help with your charges.

About Criminal Charges

Do I really need a lawyer for my criminal charges?
The answer to this question depends on whether you want to fight your charges or simply accept punishment. It has been well-established that those who are proactive in seeking the help of a high-quality, experienced defense lawyer soon after an arrest are much more likely to avoid penalties.

Do I have to give my consent before the police can search my home or car?
The law does not force or require you to give consent to a search by a police officer. Some officers may threaten to detain you until they obtain a search warrant, but you always have the right to say no. The 4th Amendment requires police officers to get a signed warrant from a judge to legally enter and search even if police have probable cause to believe that something illegal is going on inside your home or car.

Will I go to jail for a first-time DUI?
Under California Penal Code, drivers who are convicted of their first DUI charge will face up to six months in a county jail, informal probation for three to five years, up to $1,000 in fines, up to nine months of court-approved alcohol and/or drug education program, and up to ten months of driver's license suspension. This is a complete list of the possible penalties, but most first-time offenders will not receive a jail sentence. Penalties are based on the County you were arrested in, your alcohol level, if you are over the legal drinking age, your field sobriety test results and other factors.

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