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As with any other crime, those who are charged with theft crimes can be wrongly or falsely accused. Many people who are arrested for theft are good, reputable citizens who either made a mistake or have been the victim of misleading evidence. Theft is the most commonly reported crime in Pasadena, and over 100 thefts were reported throughout Pasadena in January of 2012.

There are various types of theft crimes that one can be accused of, and the penalties for these crimes are based on California Penal Code and additional aggravating factors. It is important to distinguish the differences between each type of theft so that you can build a strong defense against your charges, and our firm has provided the following information for your benefit.

Types of Theft Charges

Petty Theft: As defined in California Penal Code §484 and §488, petty theft is the stealing of property valued up to $950. Also known as shoplifting, this offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony.

Grand Theft: Under Penal Code §487, this crime involves the stealing of property valued over $950, and aggravated charges may result when a firearm is used or a vehicle is stolen.

Robbery: A person commits robbery by using force, violence or threats to take property from someone's immediate possession. This felony offense results in a strike under California's Three Strikes Law

Burglary: A person commits burglary by entering into a structure with the intent to commit a felony or theft inside, and residential burglary may result in a strike under California's Three Strikes Law.

Tips for Fighting Your Charges

With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may be able to avoid the harmful consequences of a theft conviction. Some theft convictions can be expunged, in other words, cleared from your record under California law, but they may still appear on background checks. The first step to take in fighting your charges is to scrutinize the facts of the case and the evidence that is brought against you. Our firm is highly skilled at investigating criminal evidence, and we know how to achieve a not-guilty verdict when there is a loophole in the evidence. Call today to learn more.

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